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Sunday, May 9, 2010


So, I mentioned to my boyfriend yesterday that I was going to my local Joann's to see a woman whom I met on the MB (NicoleLeo on the board) demo'ing the Cricut cake. I went there, got some paper and stickers, introduced myself to Nicole, and went back to his place. An hour later, he left to go do "stuff", which I knew was for my birthday!!
Well, I just opened my present, which I thought would be a digital camera, and OMG!!!!!!!!! It was a GYPSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was, and probably still am, SHOCKED!!!! He said to me, "You can thank your cake lady demo person!" So, THANK YOU NICOLE!!! What an awesome present, and I am so happy that he took the time to do something so special!!!  He also got me a gift certificate for a massage package, so this is shaping up to be a great birthday!!!!

Side note - my card had a picture of a gray kitten, and on the inside it says, "See, you can still be cute even with gray hair!" Ummm, what??? All was forgiven when I opened my Gypsy, though!


  1. what a sweet bday gift!!!!very nice of your bf to get you a Gypsy, hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  2. AWESOME!! He sounds like a keeper!!! Happy Birthday (mine is next week)!!

    If you haven't watched some videos already, head over to www.thebugbytes. Pam has some awesome videos on her blog for new gypsy users!!

  3. Kim,
    That is awesome. Lucky you!! It sounds like your boyfriend is a keeper

  4. That was so sweet. Happy Birthday To YOu! Shari (cricutrookie)

  5. You lucky girl and Happy Birthday! He'a keeper! I hope I get one for my B-Day in August. Wish me luck LOL.

  6. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you have an awesome boyfriend. Don't let him go!

  7. Lori, thank you so much! I need to watch some videos, definitely. Thanks for the tip!! And thank you all for the birthday wishes!

  8. Wow what an exciting birthday!! So glad you had a great day!!!! b


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