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Monday, August 30, 2010

Nothing fancy, but....

I did my first bulletin board at work with MTC!  I used the banner from 09 Kut Ups, the Freshman font from DaFont.com, and Amy Chomas' sharpie holder with a blue sharpie. 

I had a migraine while I was both designing and putting this together, so I wasn't able to think too creatively, unfortunately.  The paws are there because our school mascot is the panda.  Anyway, it was so quick and simple, that's about it, so thanks for visiting today!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Halloween Treat bag

I'm getting into full swing with Halloween and Christmas ideas, so it's likely you will see a lot of it over the next few months - my apologies to those who do not like these holidays.  However, they are my two favorite holidays, and I love to decorate and make cards for both!  This is a simple bag pattern from My Scrap Chick, and you can find it under the mini patterns as the treat bag trio.  This is the first one I did, so it was more of a test than anything.  I actually plan to pop dot the decorations, but here are the specs. 

I cut it to a full 12x12 mat, which made it about 5" high.  I used some cute double sided cardstock from Joann's, and it was a pattern included in the recent 5/$1 sale.  WOO HOO!!!  I plan on making a bunch for nieces, nephews, and students this year!  The added embellishments are from a huge K&Co assortment pack, and I should have used pop dots, but since this was a test run, I didn't.  I plan on filling with candy in a treat bag, and then tying the handles together with a cute Halloween ribbon.  This was so simple, there really isn't anything else to say, so thanks for visiting today!

Friday, August 27, 2010

3D Christmas house

This is actually the house from Handyman, slightly altered.  I took the scallop border from PS and welded it to the roof pieces, to give it a more dressed up look.  I also used a wreath sticker on the door from a Charlie Brown Christmas pack I bought at Michael's, and used a little snow glitter on the roof.  The paper I used is from an SEI pack from last year called Winter Song.

Next one I make will, I will use double sided paper, I think.  I plan on getting some battery operated tea lights, and putting them in there and selling them at the craft fair at my school next month.  This was pretty easy to make, so it should be no problem making a bunch!  Thanks for visiting today!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preliminary Christmas card???

OK, so I made this as a test run for a Christmas card idea I was kicking around.  I work at a Catholic School, and thought these would be nice to give to co-workers (mostly nuns), since they are quick and easy to make en masse!  What does everyone think?  The designer paper and stamps are all from SU, and the ribbon I got at Michael's yesterday to finish it off. 

I messed up some of the stamping, simply because I applied too much pressure in places, and I also do not have the correct color ink for this.  The ink pad buying will have to wait until I get paid again on Sept 15th (OUCH!), but you can get the idea from what I did in the test run.  I think I like these - what about all of you???

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank you card

Well, I made this card for the car salesman that helped my boyfriend buy his souped up new Ford Edge, and it was a bit of a challenge.  How do you make a thank you card for a male??  So, I used Kraft paper for the base, a tag made form a piece from DCWV Rustic Stack, and some stars.  My boyfriend doesn't like the stars, so....what do you think? 

The ribbon is from SU, the sentiment is from Beyond Birthdays, the tag is from ACY (monogram with hidden contour again!), and I inked and made faux stitching on the stars, cut from Plantin Schoolbook.  A few pearls from a Recollections pack, and some inking on the inside mat, and it was done.  It was very simple, but what to do about the stars?  I feel like it needs some element, but he doesn't like it.  I need opinions, everyone!  HELP!!  LOL.  Thanks for visiting today!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Flower birthday card

I decided to go with a classic look for this card.  I just used some paper flowers I had gotten from HSN a few years back, and made the scallop tag with the "Happy Birthday" in it.  The title is from Gypsy Wanderings, and the tag is from A Child's Year monogram function, with the letter contour hidden in the center.  Then I just put the Happy birthday inside it, and used the negative cut with the dark layer underneath.  Pretty clever, huh??  Lol.

So then I layered the flowers and put a half pearl int he center, put the ribbon under the tag, and on the inside, I offset the amts for a little visual interest.  Hope it doesn;t look too weird.  As always, the stamps are SU, and the card base is from DCWV Rustic Stack.  A few stickles to the right side of the tag on the front and it was done.  I hope the front doesn't need something more.  What do you think???

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Precious Moments Birthday card

This is for my sister-in-law who, like me, collects Precious Moments figurines.  So, way back in December when I first got MTC, I already knew what her birthday card was going to be!  I thought this little angel holding a balloon was too cute!  She is from a coloring page that was simple enough for me to make into an actual cut file, and I cut her at 6"x2.4".  I then made a mat from a TTF called 09 Kut Ups from Clever Someday, and the base is a piece of double sided cardstock from a K & Co pack called Scrap on the Go.

I also hit the mat with the Divine Swirls folder, put a little cupcake on the inside (as well as a couple of gems in each corner of the inside mat) and both sentiments are SU stamps.  I hope you like this one!  Thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Embossed birthday card

I'm baaaa-aaacckkkk!!  LOL.  I decided that I have not been using the embossing kit I bought from Amy Chomas enough, so I wanted to make a card with it after she posted one a week or so ago.  Hers was much better than mine, but here is my attempt.  I think I could have done multi cut three times, instead of the two, but it turned out relatively sharp.  I used Create a Critter for the "Happy Birthday" and Gypsy Wanderings for the cupcakes.  I then used a square frame from a random cart, and got them all grouped in the Gypsy, flipped the entire group, and put the foil color side down on the mat.

The background mat is from DCWV Sweet Stack, and the ribbon is random from Michael's.  All of the stamps inside are from SU, and I decided to add some pink stickles under the ribbon and photo corners for the front mat.  I'm hoping to get back to regular paoting, now that the long week of sports tryouts are over!  Thanks for visiting today, and thanks for hanging in there with me while I was MIA and not posting!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Still here!

I know posting has been spotty the last couple of weeks, but I have been trying to take advantage of the last few gasps of summer, and now my summer is officially over today.  : (    Back to work in a few minutes, and I will be monitoring all of the sports from 8 AM - 7 PM for the next week or so.  After that, I am determined to start posting regularly again!!!  I hope I do not lose any of my wonderful followers, you are all so sweet!  Bear with me here a few more dasy, and then I kick it into gear with Fall, Halloween, and even Christmas projects.  Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anniversary card

I made this for my boyfriend's parents' 30th, and the idea came to me in a brainstorm, after he told me that she displays my cards on her dresser.  This is actually the 3D frame from happy Hauntings, believe it or not.  I used my Gypsy, and put two frame bases on the mat.  I then flipped one and welded them together to make it into a card base.  I then hit the shift key for the cutout frame, so I avoided the cobweb look, being that it's an anniversary card!  The final cut from there was the stand for the frame.  For that, I layered a piece of thin cardboard between two cuts of color to give it some strength.

Then I moved on to Stretch Your Imagination for the bride and groom silhouette, using shadow and shadow blackout cuts.  Happy Anniversary came from Beyond Birthdays, and I also did a layering, blackout with that.  The frame print mat is from DCWV Garden Party, and the base is from the SU Rich Regals.  I have no idea if this color is retired or not, but it looks more maroon in the pic than what it actually is - it's more brownish in reality.  The stamp on the inside is from SU also, and the ribbon is from Michael's.  I added some half pearls to the front, and a 30 at the bottom, which I don't think you can see in the pics.

I think that about covers it all.  Thanks for visiting!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I kinda like this...

So, a little background here.  My 12 year old is currently obsessed with the old TV show "Family Matters", and Steve Urkel is his absolute favorite.  He often goes around the house hiking his pants up to his chest, saying, "Did I do thaaaaat?"   Also, his parents got him the first season as a birthday gift.  SO, I had to make this for my mom to give him as a birthday card.  Can you tell good old Steve is dropping the cupcake??  I hope it comes through in the translation well enough.

All of the doll cuts were from Everyday Paper Dolls except the suspenders, which I hand cut.  Steve is pop dotted and cut at 4", and I used PKS for his face.  The cupcake is a Recollections sticker from Michael's, and the font and talking bubble are cut with MTC, using the Family Guy font I found online.  The mat is from DCWV Glitter stack, the inside stickers are just some non-dimensionals from Michael's, and I think that about covers it.  I'm pretty proud of how this one came together, and I hope everyone gets a little chuckle out of this. Adam told me secretly that this was his favorite card this year!  So cute.  Thanks for visiting!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now I'm torn...haha

I made this last night, and now I don't know if I want to give my 7 year old nephew the Batman or this card!!  Input, please??!!!!!!

So, obviously I used Spongebob for this, and I decided to try one because he had a SB shirt on yesterday, and we got into a discussion about how he likes Patrick the best.  So, here is what I did.  All cuts are from SB, and I used the positive cuts from the inside mat on the outside and inside left.  The cupcake is a sticker from an MS pack, "hooray" is cut with Mickey font, and the paper is a loose sheet from Joann's.  Patrick was cut at 4" high, and the end product is a 6"x6" square card, with a 5.5"x5.5" inside mat.  I think that's all for the details, so the party is in a few hours - which one should I give him?!?!?!  LOL!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Batman...........

Lol.  Here is the card for the little one (my youngest nephew), and he is turning 7 next week!  I was debating over Batman or Spongebob for his card, and I may still make a SB card tonight, just to decide.  I used the Batman cart for all of this, and the background mat is also from the Making Memories Just Chillin' stack, which I love for boys and male cards.

Batman was cut at 4"x3", and the layers were pretty tough, if I am honest.  I gave up on the white for the eyes and teeth, and just colored it in with a gel pen.  Ugh...The star buttons are random ones from Joann's, and on the inside mat, I used Amy Chomas' gel pen holder to draw the cut on each corner.  Pretty simple, so that's about it, and thanks for visiting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

FInally posting again!

Sorry it has been so long, but I have been away a lot lately, and it is definitely time to start catching up on cards!

Here is one I made for my nephew's birthday this weekend, and he just turned 12.  He just started really getting into skateboarding a few months ago, so I scoured the internet for skating images to use in MTC, because I was not really into buying the Lite cart for one or two images!  I found this as a clip art in a Google search, and it was perfect!  I figured a silhouette would be good for this, and the mat is a piece from the Making Memories "Just Chillin" stack.  The title is from a free TTF and clip art also, and I just used the shaodw layer in MTC to create the effect - easy! 

Finally, I used the SU Sanded background stamp to give it a sort of grunge look on the inside mat, added a couple of SU buttons on the front, then wrote in it, and it was done!  Thanks for visiting today!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So silly....

After some thought the other day, I decided to do some shopping at Wal-Mart, and this is what I found.  How adorable is this house??  It's a dog house, but I wanted to get it for my kitty.  She immediately went into it and ate and drank, and then laid in her little pink bed and relaxed for a bit.  I know, I know....I'm weird.  She loved exploring it, and she even almost jumped onto the roof of that little house!  Just thought I would share while I was away for the weekend!!    : )