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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shadow boxes, again!

Almost done these, so bear with me!  I made a total of ten shadow boxes tonight, in two different designs.  here is the first, and all of the nativity cuts are from a file from Denise's Scrapbooking Room, where she generously provided the SVG for use in my MTC!!  Thank you, Denise!

The phrase is from Winter Frolic, and I felt like it went perfectly with this design idea.  I did five of these, with two different background papers, both shown in these pictures.  I will post the other design tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting today!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Candy cane cards

More cards for the craft fair made!  This is just a sample, because I actually raided one of  my old DCWV Christmas stacks, and made 30 of these 6x6 square cards, so there are a bunch of cute patterns with these.  The candy cane is from Christmas Cheer, and the ribbon is from Michael's. 

The inside and outside sentiments are SU stamps, and the stockings are a stamp from Michael's dollar bin last year.  I thought it went well in there!  Well, since these were so simple, that's about all.  Thanks for visiting today!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sixty more cards tonight!

These turned out nicely, or so I think!  I used all SU stamps, and paper from scrapbook.com.  The inks are from the dollar bin at Michael's, and the riboon is also from Michael's.  I just cut the 12x12 sheets in half to make 6x6 square cards - wow, is that easy!  I ended up making 60 total, 30 of each color.  Just more I'm trying to sell at my craft fair in a couple of weeks!  Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

More craft fair items!

This was inspired by the make and take from an SU open house I went to a couple of weeks ago (see post below).  I used a few clear stamps by Inkadinkadoo from Michael's (leaves and "Happy Thanksgiving), the SU invitation stamp and Give Thanks, kraft paper from Joann's, ribbon from Wal-Mart, and ink pad from SU - Cajun Craze.  What I am doing is selling them in sets, and then just including the insert.  It is not glued in yet, because I am going to make it versatile enough for them to choose whether they want to buy a Thanksgiving invitation or simply a Thanksgiving card - brilliant, huh??  LOL! 

This is a standard A2, to make it easier to create multiples.  I made a total of 60 of these tonight!  Lots of work, but hopefully worth it.  I ahve been working my tail off for this craft fair, although it isn't showing up on my blog yet!  It will, I promise!  Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another shadow box

This one is the snowman from Doodlecharms, cut at 5" tall.  I hand tore some white DCWV glitter paper and pop dotted the middle protion to give it the 3D effect, as well as pop dotting the snowman with double the dimension of the snow "drift".  I know this picture isn't the best, but I had to use my cell phone camera, since my regular camera is currently 50 miles away at my boyfriend's.  OOPS!

Anyway, I also etched snowflakes onto the front of the glass - can you see them?  The title is from Winter Woodland, and for the blue background, I just used a Q-tip and dabbed it ont the ink pad, then the paper in random fashion.  So, what does everyone think??

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shadow box

First, I apologize for my posts being so spotty recently, but I have been CRAZY busy trying to make items and cards for the craft fair I will be selling at in 3 weeks - YIKES!  I ahve TONS of stuff cut, and now the putting together will begin soon!  Here is one thing I got done last night, and it was so simple.  I used black vinyl to make a design very similar to one I saw in an online decor catalog, so I got to work making my own!  I used MTC and Chopin Script font for the wording on each ornament.  Thankfully, the shapes were pretty basic, and I could replicate it rather easily.  The paper inside the shadow box is from SEI Wintersong, which was from last year.

I could not really get a picture that came out well enough to give the full affect - it looks much nicer in person, rather than flat and uninteresting in this picture!  But I think you get the idea.  More to come, so thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Some great ideas from these!

I went to an SU open house this past Saturday (why can't you live closer, Barb?!?!), and the hostess had these samples as make and takes.  Of course, once I made them, the brain started working.  Do I have these stamp sets?  No.  Can I afford to buy them right now?  Not really.   But, the design did give me some good ideas for other cards, and I am really happy for that!  So, off to make some cards for the craft fair I am going to try to sell at next month.  Hope you like these, and that they inspire you, too!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally, a new post!!

I made this card for a co-worker, whose father passed away four years ago today.  Actually, her soccer team wanted to buy a card, but I offered to make it instead.  I knew a sympthay card, per se, was not the way to go, so I wanted to more of a "thinking of you" theme, so I found this rub-on and designed it around that. 

I used a rub-on I had from years ago, DCWV Rustic Stack, SU blush blossom, and MTC to make the buckle. I just took a tag shape, and added in the slots (rectangles made reeeeeally small), and put the ribbon through. The ribbon and stamps are all SU also, and I used the dollar ink spots from Michaels for the inking. I intentionally kept it really simple on the inside (very plain and no mat) because 40 girls need to sign this thing!

Overall, the card is 6x9, so I made it pretty big, too!  Thanks for visiting today, and I am really going to try to get back into the swing of crafting.  Getting home at 8:30 every night this week has not helped!  Ugh....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some fall sprucing up!

I have been ready for fall for a couple of weeks now, which is unlike me.  Normally I want to squeeze every last second I can out of the summer, but this year with the record heat and early return to work, I have been SOOO ready for fall.  So I knew as soon as Labor Day was over, my blog was getting a fall facelift!  I hope you all like the new look, and I promise to get something posted in a day or two!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog award!!

Thank you, THANK YOU Stacy over at Love that Bug for presenting me with this adorable award!!!  It is just such a cute one - and makes me want a cupcake!  But I digress, lol....

I really appreciate it anytime someone gives me an award, and I wish I could give it right back to her!  So, here are the rules for this award.  1. Thank the person who gave it to you (check!), 2. Copy the award to your blog (check!), 3. List 3 things you love about yourself, 4. Post a picture you love, and 5. Send the award to five blogs you love.

Ok, so 1 and 2 are done, now to number 3.  Hmm, let's see.  A. I love that I have green eyes that turn almost clear after a day in the sun (freaks out my mom every time!).  B.  I love that I am now an animal rescuer (lol!), and C. I love that I am so close to all of my family, especially my mom.

Time for number 4. 
This is from our formal event for our Master's program a couple of years ago.

And finally, number 5, passing it along to five blogs I love!  They are, in no particular order:
5.  Amber at Staying Crafty

If any of you are drooling over the new Cricut Imagine, and have SCAL or MTC, you MUST go visit Jin at Under a Cherry Tree - no seriously!  Just go over and take a look!!    ; )

Well, I think I've covered it all, so that is about it for now!  I am still busy making cuts for Christmas and Halloween projects, and will start posting them soon!  Thanks again, Stacy for this award!

Friday, September 3, 2010

More 3-D obsession!!!

LOL, ok here is yet another 3D project!  This was courtesy of a generous SCAL user, who posted this SVG for others' use!!  Head on over to see her at http://www.cheekymagpie.com/?p=58.  Isn't that an adorable website name also??

Anyway, I cut this at 4.5"x6", so it is pretty large.  I used SU designer paper, and a dimensional sticker from Michael's to give it an added touch, and I am trying to think about how to use this!  As of right now, I am thinking of trying to make it into a gift card holder somehow.  Oh well, I'll figure it out, and I will let you know when I do! 

Again, thank you to CheekyMagpie for the posting of this file, and to the fellow MTC user who found it and shared it - such a great crafting community!  Thanks for visiting today.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy, busy!

Well, I realized I haven't posted a for a couple of days, and I feel badly about that, so how about a little story??  The reason for my absence is that, over the last few days, most of my time has been put into getting the new kitty integrated into the house after the vet visit, de-fleaing, etc.  Remember her from an earlier post this summer???

The cat who has had eminent domain thus far (lol) was not entirely happy, but he wasn't too bad either.  He watched her very closely, hissed when she got too close, watched her slink away, and he was OK.

So, our vet visit with her was interesting.  The vet knows the breeder from where she wandered and he called the woman.  Turns out, Tigger and several other of her breeding cats escaped during the first East Coast blizzard in late January, and she managed to survive the rest of that brutal winter, and come up to our house in June.  She was the only one who never went home, so the woman said we could keep her, since she was going to retire her from breeding anyway!  Apparently, she does not keep them as pets, and when they are retired, she simply adopts them out.  So, with all that said, most of my time has been going into getting her comfortable and adjusted, and my crafts have been neglected.  I am making cuts for craft fair projects, though, so I will be plenty busy soon!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!