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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy, busy!

Well, I realized I haven't posted a for a couple of days, and I feel badly about that, so how about a little story??  The reason for my absence is that, over the last few days, most of my time has been put into getting the new kitty integrated into the house after the vet visit, de-fleaing, etc.  Remember her from an earlier post this summer???

The cat who has had eminent domain thus far (lol) was not entirely happy, but he wasn't too bad either.  He watched her very closely, hissed when she got too close, watched her slink away, and he was OK.

So, our vet visit with her was interesting.  The vet knows the breeder from where she wandered and he called the woman.  Turns out, Tigger and several other of her breeding cats escaped during the first East Coast blizzard in late January, and she managed to survive the rest of that brutal winter, and come up to our house in June.  She was the only one who never went home, so the woman said we could keep her, since she was going to retire her from breeding anyway!  Apparently, she does not keep them as pets, and when they are retired, she simply adopts them out.  So, with all that said, most of my time has been going into getting her comfortable and adjusted, and my crafts have been neglected.  I am making cuts for craft fair projects, though, so I will be plenty busy soon!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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  1. Kim, I know what it's like to adopt a new friend. I hope Tigger becomes acclimated to her surroundings soon. She is lucky to have a nice home, and you as her mommy.


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