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Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog award!!

Thank you, THANK YOU Stacy over at Love that Bug for presenting me with this adorable award!!!  It is just such a cute one - and makes me want a cupcake!  But I digress, lol....

I really appreciate it anytime someone gives me an award, and I wish I could give it right back to her!  So, here are the rules for this award.  1. Thank the person who gave it to you (check!), 2. Copy the award to your blog (check!), 3. List 3 things you love about yourself, 4. Post a picture you love, and 5. Send the award to five blogs you love.

Ok, so 1 and 2 are done, now to number 3.  Hmm, let's see.  A. I love that I have green eyes that turn almost clear after a day in the sun (freaks out my mom every time!).  B.  I love that I am now an animal rescuer (lol!), and C. I love that I am so close to all of my family, especially my mom.

Time for number 4. 
This is from our formal event for our Master's program a couple of years ago.

And finally, number 5, passing it along to five blogs I love!  They are, in no particular order:
5.  Amber at Staying Crafty

If any of you are drooling over the new Cricut Imagine, and have SCAL or MTC, you MUST go visit Jin at Under a Cherry Tree - no seriously!  Just go over and take a look!!    ; )

Well, I think I've covered it all, so that is about it for now!  I am still busy making cuts for Christmas and Halloween projects, and will start posting them soon!  Thanks again, Stacy for this award!


  1. KIM, THank YOU so much for the blog candy!!! You are soooo sweet!!!!

  2. Awww, thanks! Great picture you chose :)


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