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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Funny story with this one....

So, you are probably wondering why this card has a squirrel in military attire.  Here is the backstory on this one.  My brother is an avid hunter, and one day he came out with this story about how the squirrels were conducting a skillfully strategized attack upon him when he was in the woods, and he decided that it was an elite squirrel special forces squad called "The Gray Berets".  Yes, we laughed until we almost peed.  To this day, the gray berets are still a joke in my family, and guess what???  His birthday is Sunday.  After the picture, I wrote on the inside of the card, "The Gray Berets never take a day off.  Happy birthday, and watch out!!"  HAHAHA. 

Ok, details.  The squirrel and binoculars are from Camp out, the helmet from Stand and Salute, and then I used some green and brown inks for the camo look on it.  The camo paper itself is from an Imaginisce stack called Just Chillin', and the tag is cut from Storybook with random buttons from a scrapbooking kit from HSN.  Thanks for looking, and MISSY - DON'T LET DOUG SEE THIS YET!!!!!!  Missy is the wife of this particular brother, and she frequents my blog, so SHH!!  Thanks for visiting, and I hope this gives some of you a laugh.

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