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Friday, May 7, 2010

Another shadow box

A couple of weeks ago, I made a shodow box for friend's birthday, and when my mom saw it, she loved it.  She said, "OOhh, that would be nice to have if it, like, said something about 'love my grandkids' and had, like, places to put their pictures......"   As she trailed off, I thought, "Yes, Mom, I get the hint!"  So, here is her Mother's Day gift for the weekend, besides me of course, LOL.  (My birthday is Sunday, also, haha).  I used Lyrical Letters for the "Sweethearts" and Beyond Birthdays for the "Mom", which I just welded together with another, since they call her Mommom.  The hearts are just a basic shape from MTC, but I like the way they point off to one side.  The shadow box is a 16x20, and the words are cut at a total dimension of 7x14 - I wanted to leave enough room for the pictures!

Once she sees it, she can decide which pictures to put in it.  Then I will make background frames to coordinate with the size and picture she chooses, so that they are not just on a plain white posterboard background.  Also, I set up the hearts so that the point at the bottom will be just above the grandkid's picture, as if pointing right at him/her.  For the names on the hearts, I used MTC, Amy Chomas' mini sharpie holder, and the AKA Dora TTF.  I think I've covered it all here, so thanks for visiting!!

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