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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Rock cards

These cards are for my niece and nephew, but they are being given to them by my brother (their Uncle) who asked me to make cards for him to give.  The cards I am making for them will come later this week, lol.

I used MTC and traced a JPEG of an iPod to cut these.  I love my MTC, enabling me to cut anything I want!  Anyway, the scalloped mats are DCWV stacks, and the recatngle itself was from a basic font built into MTC.  The outside obviously says, "You rock", which was also cut with MTC and the Comic sans font, and the inside says, "...and I'm not just saying that because it's your bithday.  Happy Birthday!"  It is so hard to come up with sayings for cards, so I know how corny this is, but they are 13 and 16, so pretty much whatever I come up with would be corny to them!  LOL.  Thanks for vistiting!


  1. Great cards Kim! I have SCAL and love it. I have never used MTC. I love the ability to cut anything - but there are still carts I just have to have - LOL!!!

  2. I love your little "critter" books. Thanks for jumping in on the blog hop!

  3. "Rockin" cards Kim. LOL! Just love them. :)

  4. I love these...i think i have a cart with an ipod on it


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