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Friday, April 23, 2010

Critter onesie video??

For those not on the Cricut MB, I have had many requests over there for a video tutorial on these shirts, particularly how I did the different colors.  Now, I have never done a video (let alone a tutorial!) so it may take me a few days, if I can get it done at all, and even then it may not be very good.  I guess what I'm wondering is, would anyone be interested in this?

Also, I ordered some vinyl to do these shirts with instead of just paint (I have a specific idea in mind for one that almost requires vinyl vs paint), so I am thinking of doing two videos at the same time???  Just looking for some feedback from my wonderful followers!  Love all of your thoughtful comments and encouragement!


  1. I would love, love, love to see a video of these done because I would like to give making them a try myself!

  2. I would love to see the two videos :) I would love to try this and I am visual :) Please, please, please do these :)

  3. can't wait to see this!

  4. I would love to see the two videos. You did a great job on the onesies. I'd love it if you would share you expertise and know how with us.

    Thank you in advance!

  5. Pretty, pretty please? LOL! I did a tshirt for Jaryd to go to a party tomorrow and let me tell you, not NEARLY as amazing as yours. I am kind of embarrassed to even post mine. (But I will) later... Anyways... Help us all out woman! Don't keep all that talent to yourself. Share those secrets! How is that for begging? :) And if you DO a video = can you share how to not tear that freezer paper? I just wanted to scream when it came to the letters... In fact, I gave up and just wrote them by hand. See? I am beggin' you!


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