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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Final animal book - MOUSE!

So this is it, the last in the series.  I want to thank everyone for all of your comments and taking the time to visit my blog this week!  This little guy did not turn out as well as I had wanted, nor did the pictures, due to the fact that I again had to use my cell phone.  I still can't believe I broke my camera, but I have a funny feeling my boyfriend will be getting me a new one for my birthday in a couple of weeks!  Just a feeling, but I will keep you posted!  : )

Anyway, the mouse.  That smudge on his face next to his whiskers is not an oops, it was something on my cell camera that I didn't notice until now.  Oh well.  For some reason, this little guy just looks off to me, but it's ok, he's still kind of cute.  Again, you can get all of these files over at http://www.myscrapchick.com/, and this week I will be busy with several birthday cards, so stay tuned!  Thanks for visiting, as always!


  1. Alright Kim,
    enough already! LOL..Now I am really really wanting this cartridge. I think the whole collection is adorable.
    Great job

  2. I've seen these and thought how cute. But now that you've have made them, WONDERFUL! They would make a great lower elementary school project. Terrifically cute!


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