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Monday, April 26, 2010

Onesie video!!

Well, by your request, here is the video - sooo nervous!!!  It is NOT good, lol, since it was only my first attempt ever at a video.  The audio is a bit garbled because the microphone is not the best, and it's probably a little too long, but it is a learning process, and hopefully you get something out of it.  By now you all probably have even figured out what I did, but this is a good practice run for me.  So glad everyone liked the onesies, and I did a vinyl one tonight, so look in the post above too!  Critiques are welcome and requested, since this is my first video, especially form those of you who have done these before - let me know what I can do to make it better!  Thanks for visiting!

Here is the freezer paper stencil technique I used for this:


  1. Well, the audio got even worse after I uploaded it to You Tube. SORRY!! If I am going to do more videos, I will look into a better microphone, but a guy in my IT dept at work gave me this for free, so it had to do for now. So sorry, everyone!

  2. I love the onesies, they're all so cute. You did a great job for a first video - if you hadn't said so, I wouldn't have known it. I think I may have to try some of these for my grandchild that is on the way!


  3. Thanks for the video Kim! I think you did a great job for your first one! I am so going to try some of these out for our next Disney trip!

  4. Kim,
    Great video and congrats on your first one! I agree, the audio is a little muffled but not to bad. I think you said you were using your webcam, that is what I use on my videos. I don't have a separate microphone though, I just use my webcam and start talking. Maybe your computer is different, but I would try that first, maybe it is muffling because you are going over the built in microphone.
    Thanks for the video and for sharing this technique.

  5. Km, what a great video for your first one. I am impressed. That is not a venture I will get into, but you go girl!!! I am loving your onesies -they are adorable.

  6. Hi Kim! I'm someone from the cricut message board and I finally got around to checking out your video!! Great job and thank you for showing us how to do this! I'm sooo excited to give it a try!! There are endless possibilities and I'm sure this will be a lot cheaper in the long run for my kids summer shirts!! And I think you're special!! :)


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