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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Animal book week, day 1

This week, I will be featuring projects cut from files I bought at http://www.myscrapchick.com/ called "Animal Books".  I decided to make cards out of them instead of books, and since there are seven, it works out well to have an "Animal Book Week" on my blog, so I hope you enjoy!

Since today is Easter, I decided that animal book week would start with the bunny!   These patterns could not be simpler to cut and piece, so I highly recommend you check out this site if you have SCAL or MTC.  The bunny was cut at 5" x 5.5", and all four paws and the tail were pop dotted for the 3-D effect, along with the edge inking for dimension.  The face was easy to draw on with a black marker, and a little pink inking at the cheeks to make him extra cute was just the right last touch.  Stay tuned for another animal card/book tomorrow!!!  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Kim - I love this bunny!!! So super cute!! I have debated on getting this set but wasn't sure about it - you may just convince me, but I did just order create a critter cartridge so maybe I will wait - lol!

  2. Melissa - I ordered Create a Critter too, but these are great shape cards. And part of the file is 3-5 pages welded together, so you can make it a "book". I love them, and just wait for the rest of the week! LOL

  3. Those books are cute! I think it looks like you could put them in an envelope and mail as cards.
    Sharon (scrappyone)


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