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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loooooong day.....

Well, what a day.  I left for work at 10:00 this morning, feeling severe anxiety for no reason at all.  All day I was feeling anxious and nervous, and even my boss noticed immediately.  Well, I left work at 7:30, only to get a call from my mom that she was headed to the hospital.  For those who do not know, she recently had a complicated hip replacement that prevented her from putting any weight on her foot for 12 weeks, so she was in a wheelchair that whole time.  Last week was week 12, so she was allowed to start getting out of the chair and using the walker.  She got strong quickly and apparently got lulled into a false sense of security, because she fell tonight and broke her wrist in two places.  So no going home after work for me, it was right off to the hospital - and the irony is, I work in orthopaedics!  The x-ray techs let me come back in and look at the films, and sure enough, just as I diagnosed before she was seen in the ER, there was the radius fracture!

Anyway, five hours later, we arrived home with her back in the wheelchair, and with a cast on her right wrist.  When it rains, it truly does POUR!!!  I'm exhausted, and if any of you would like to offer up prayers, we will surely take them!!  I can hear her in there now, moaning from the pain.  This is awful.

So, what all of this means is I did not get to cut out the last couple of animal books, so we may need to put it on hold for a few days.  I have been loving all of your comments, and am going to do my best over the next few days to do some cutting and posting!  I hope you all have a better week than my mom and I!!  Take care, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh I'm so sorry Kim. Sending up prayers for you and your Mom. Take care.

  2. OUCH! Your poor mom... Hope she heals quickly.


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