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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well, I left Ocean City, NJ, at 9:00 AM yesterday, and would you like to know the first thing I did????  I stopped at ACM to get these babies!!!!  HAHA!  I was waiting all week to stop and get these on my way home.  Oh, and I also needed a dress for my class reunion last night, but the first stop was ACMoore.  I verified with the clerk that these (not even supposed to be released yet) carts were included in the $39.99 sale, and they were!  I was pretty excited, since I don't often buy carts, and I hope some of you got to take advantage of this deal last week!!!  I will be back to creating this week, so have a great day everyone!  I am winding down and enjoying my tan from vacation!!

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  1. Wow what great finds!! I didn't know about that sale but we don't have those stores. enjoy!


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