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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OK, so, it's possible I'm obssessed!!

I just love these things!!!  All cuts are from Happy Hauntings again!  I did a couple more test runs, and here they are.  They are both cut to fill the 12x12 mat, and then I layered the one on the left.  The right one was my first attempts, so I kept it really basic to get the feel for size, cutting, etc.  But I decided the throw a little ghost, some silver accents, and a skull and crossbone MS punch on it.

The one on the left was double sided paper from K&Co, fit to page, and then I got fancy.  I took saran wrap, crinkled it, and dipped it into my blank ink to get the distressed look on the silver paper.  I then used black glitter glue to accent the tombstone at the top, black pen around the perimeter, and I used the "MT Tomb" phrase from layer 1 of the tombstone on page 63 of the handbook for the glitter writing.  I just used the negative cut as a stencil for the glue and glitter application.  So much fun!  I thnik that about covers it, so thanks for visiting!

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