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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 2 - monkey!

OK, Stacy, this one is for you!  After I saw your comment on the giraffe, I had to make this guy day 2!!!  Same specs as all of the animal books - My Scrap Chick files, pop dots on the feet and tail, cut at 6"x5.5".  A little ink for the cheeks and sharpie for the eyes, and he was done!  Hope you like him!


  1. Kim,
    Like him, I LOVE LOVE him. He is the cutest lil thing ever, (much better than the giraffe...JUST KIDDING) The giraffe is cute as well.
    I love his rosy cheeks, and isn't that the cutest but ya ever did see...so much cuter than my hubbys...Sssshh LOL
    Thanks so so much for sharing this adorable lil fellow!!

  2. Monkeys are my fave and this guy is too cute!!! TFS


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