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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sympathy Card

Well, I posted this on the Cricut MB, and it gots lots of hits but only a couple of comments, so maybe it sucks so badly I shouldn't post it here??  But, here it is anyway, LOL!  I made this to send to my boyfriend's Mom and Dad, as she had an Uncle pass away last week.  I used Beyond Birthdays for the dove, and Wild Card for the rose and sentiment.  The paper is adhered onto white cardstock, and it was a random pack from Michael's with a wedding theme.  I used some stickles and glitter on the dove, and the inside mat was created in MTC using basic shapes.  I got the inspiration for the sentiment on the inside online.  I think that about covers it, so thanks for visiting!


  1. Very nice card ~ sympathy cards are not always easy to do - but you did a great job! as for the board ~ i love it ~ but i do find i sometimes get the same feeling...i sort of like posting to my own blog page - only because if i only have a few followers - i dont feel as disapointed as I do on the board where there are thousands of lookers and hardly any comments..

  2. Very tasteful card. Well done and hopefully would bring comfort to someone.

  3. Beautiful card!! Well done!!

  4. This is a beautiful card. I didn't see it on the MB, but I would have left a comment if I had - I always do. There seem to be a lot of views but no comments left on the MB lately. That is discouraging for people who post things. I think the MB will slowly lose viewers and posters if that continues.

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