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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My new baby

So, I finally got around to taking pictures of Tigger, my new cat, since she wandered up to our deck a little over a month ago.  She is actually more people friendly than your usual stray.  Well, I found out why.  I posted these pics on Facebook, and a friend of mine responded that she is a Bengal cat, and there is a woman who breeds them 3 houses down.  Uh ohhhhh.....so, I asked the dreaded question - do I need to give her back??  She said, no, if she is out, the woman let her out on purpose, maybe because she was the runt, went unsold, etc. 

She also informed me that, since Bengal cats are partially bred from a bloodline of a wild cat from Asia, she will most likely not be fond of being petted, or ever be a lap cat.  Apparently a friend of hers bought one from this woman near me, and she paid $1200.  Yep, you read that right, $1200.  WOW!!! 

So, basically, when people buy Bengal cats, it's mostly for aesthetics, as opposed to affection.  But that's OK.  Every time I go out to see her, she meows really loudly, and is quite vocal and "talkative". So, I guess in her way, that is being friendly.  If our suspicions are right, and she is pregnant, I will post more pictures!  Note, though, how she has spots more than stripes!  Beautiful!


  1. We have 2 bengals-they can love pets and laps, but on 'their' timetable. Ours is very talkative, cuddles in the am on top of covers. They like water and love to be brushed. Most bengals are NEVER let outside because of the wildness-perhaps she is sticking around trying to find safe indoor place for babes. We love our bengals and love their attitude. Yah-the spots give bragging rights, but it's the crazy-queen of the house attitude that we like most. Have fun.

  2. I really appreciate the info - thank you!!!! I will continue to work on my boyfriend and see if he wants to take her in, because I know my mom does not. Thanks for your help!!!

  3. beautiful kitty! As soon as I saw your pic I knew she was a bengal. I work at a vet and have only seen a few of them, not a lot of people have them (probably b/c they cost a pretty penny) but they are BEAUTIFUL cats!!! They also come in a beautiful greyish color too.


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