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Friday, July 9, 2010


I went out to feed my cat this morning, and saw she was sitting on the deck, intently watching something off in the distance.  Then I heard an odd clucking sound, looked up, and saw a huge turkey in one of our trees!!!  After some observation, I realized she was calling her babies, and then a male turkey joined in a couple of trees over.  There were eight babies in all, and we (my nephews and I) followed them until they went out front.  UH OH!!!!  I am happy to report that they made the trek across the street just fine, and here are some pics I snapped just before they went to the other side!  We have a pretty busy road, but traffic actually stopped to let them cross!!


  1. Oh that is so cute! We have about 20 of them that cross our back field everyday but this year I haven't seen any babies, I just realized that when I seen yours. But the grass in the feild is kinda high so I'll have to keep a better eye out for them. LOL TFS

  2. Thanks Kim for sharing your nature pictures. It's always a good idea to have a camera handy. Love the little ones.

  3. LOL, Barb. Actually, turkeys are rather unattractive, but the babies were cute. And it is so odd to me how many turkeys we have here - I do not live in a rural area. It's very suburban, and there is a really busy road and all houses here. Weird...

  4. Kim,
    They are just the cutest lil things. Don't ya just love nature.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us


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