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Sunday, October 3, 2010

World Card Making Day efforts

As many of you know, yesterday was World Cardmaking Day!  So, I decided to take it to heart this year, since I was not even making cards yet at this time last year, and really put my all into the "holiday".  Therefore, I wanted to share with you much of the reason I have been hit or miss with posting lately.  I am still getting everything ready for the craft fair, which is now less than a week away - eek!  So next Saturday will be the end of the crazy cardmaking, and I can get back to a nice, leisurely pace.  Here are two pictures of all of the cards I worked on yesterday.  As you can see, most of them are in various stages of completion - some still need ribbon, some I ran out of the border I cut, some need senitments - but here is everything I did yesterday.  Of course, each card/set will get its own post eventually with pics and details, but I wanted to give you an overview for now.  Hope you enjoy....and boy, am I tired.  So, it's off to enjoy my three year anniversary with my boyfriend, which is today!!!  He has been sick as a DOG all week, so what are the odds that he actually planned ahead and I am getting my present today???  LOL!  Not good, I'm afraid.  Thanks for visiting today!


  1. Great cards Kim! Happy 3 years. Hey if he does not come through on the great gift, just remember how great he was on your birthday!!! Good luck on the craft fair, be sure to let me know how it goes.


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