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Sunday, October 24, 2010

So excited and honored!

My niece just asked me today if I would make her wedding invitations!!!  I am so honored, and hope I can come up with exactly what she wants! 

With that said, if anyone has ANY helpful advice, PLEASE feel free to let me know!  I have never made an invitation, so any help is appreciated.  Also, what are some good sites to get the envelopes with some color coordinated liners???  I have a feeling that will be the hardest part, finding those!


  1. Kim
    That is great news, congrats and what an honor.
    Sorry I can't help with a supplier. Maybe you can google card inserts or card liners.

  2. My niece has loved my cards and asked me to make her wedding invitations. I felt honored as you do. I bought a pack of 12x12 cardstock, I believe it was labled "Luxury". Sorry, don't remember the brand. I printed the invite on the cream side of the paper and used ribbon for the front along with a vinyl initial. She had a multi-color wedding, so this pack worked for her. I was able to make 2 per sheet. I don't remember where we ordered the envelopes. I want to say an office supply store where invitations are sold. I just don't remember.



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