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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring facelift and a blog award!

It's been a crazy week, but I finally got to sit at the computer for a minute or two, and do some spring cleaning and sprucing!!  So, what do you think of the new look???  I was definitely ready, and I hope it's easy on everyone's eyes.
Second, Stacy over at Love that Bug (love her!!!) bestowed upon me this awesome blog award a couple of weeks back, but I am just getting around to posting it (sorry, Stacy!!).  BTW, she has an AMAZING Create a Critter series going on over on her blog, so please stop by and give her some much deserved love over there!!  I really need to get out that cart again, she is so inspiring!  I'm not sure that there are 8 new things I could tell you about me, but here are a few:
1.  I tried ice skating for the first time ever last month.  It did NOT go well, lol.
2.  I love adult cartoons - Archer, South Park, The Simpsons.
3.  I got 4 carats of diamonds from my boyfriend for Christmas after 3 years of being together.  None of them were in ring form.  LOL!!!
4.  I get choked up when that stupid commercial with Sarah McLaughlin comes on with all of the abused animals.   : (

That's all I could come up with, sorry!!!  OK, now to pass it along to 8 deserving blogs:
1.  Jin at Under a Cherry Tree
2.  Barb at Snowmanlover's Paperie
3.  Melissa at Melissa's Scrappen Place
4.  Kristie at 2 Ducky Designs
5.  Amber at Staying Crafty
6.  Tanya at Nonna's Craft Corner
7.  Lorraine at Card Creations By Lorraine
8.  Elizabeth at 217 Creations

Thank you again Stacy for this award!!

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  1. Kim,
    Congrats on your award as well as for the sweet comments :)
    I so had to laugh at your #4 with the commercial, I do the same thing. I am a sucker for animals


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