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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

OK, well, I'm not Irish, but I was going to make a card for all of YOU, my blogger friends and follwers last night.  BUT....I forgot my flash drive at work, and it is still sitting in my work computer from yesterday afternoon.  Therefore, all of my good intentions went for nothing, LOL!!  However, since Lettering Delights is so wonderful and allows you access to your purchased files any time through their website, I was able to retrieve one of the files I planned to use, so here is how I feel about all of you:

I am very appreciative of all of you and your comments.  I know I haven't been doing much lately, but my head just hasn't been into crafting much these days.  However, I am coming up on many, many family birthdays and occasions, so I will be back at it regularly very soon.  Thank you for your patience and your friendship.  Enjoy your day, everyone!


  1. Kim,
    A little late, but Happy St Patty's Day to you as well. I understand how sometimes we aren't in the mood to be creative, I have been there. As I will always be here too, so take your time. I am not going anywhere
    Hope ya have a great weekend sweetie

  2. Hi Kim! Wish you had a "subsribe" button!
    If you want you can click on the feed burner sign on my blog and create one and then I can get direct emails from your blog instead of searching through my dashboard to see if you posted. Aren't I lazy!!


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