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Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm back...with a Valentine's project!

Well, the whole tax issue isn't settled yet, but I decided to wait until April this year to figure out things and file, so in the meantime, it's time to craft again!

Wednesday, I was at my Mom's, and my nephew had a note that said the kids would be exchanging Valentines on Thursday, the next day, and he needed to make a box for receiving cards.  WELL, I immediately told my sister-in-law that I could make him an actual mailbox if she wanted, so that's what I did!  This is from an SVG Cuts set, and I didn't do the greatest job, but it was kind of a rush!  I used K&Co paper, and cut the double heart from the file, then joined his name into it with MTC to create the cut out name tag.  I cut the pieces at 11.4 in MTC and it came out a perfect size.

I just took a red marker and made some faux stitching on the hearts to give it a little detail, and that's about it.  I also gave him some stickers to finish it off as he desired.  No sense in me doing ALL of it for him, lol.  If you are interested in the file, go here.  I plan on working on some more V-day projects this weekend, so hopefully I will have plenty more to share this week!  Thanks for visiting today, and for hanging in there with me!


  1. Kim,
    So happy to see you here again :)
    Hopefully all your tax issues will work out. I love your mailbox. I have seen many of these but never where it opens on the side. I like this method a lot better

  2. Kim, I am so glad you are still crafting! I am sorry to hear about your tax issues and hope you work it out without selling your cricut. You are in my thoughts and prayers! I totally love this mailbox. Have you checked out the new svg files at letteringdelights.com ? They totally rock!!! Melissa

  3. Hi Kim, glad to see you crafting again! This is the most adorable mailbox I have ever seen!!! I don't have any where to display a mailbox, but I could sure use this for a wedding box. I just Love it!! Nice Job, your nephew's mailbox will be a hit!


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