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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You HAVE to try this website!!

A friend of mine came into work yesterday, and said, "You have to go to this website - it's so much fun."  Well, I was hooked.  It's a site where you can customize a free, yes FREE, phone call from Santa to anyone you want!  You can input your own phone number so it looks like the call is coming from your phone.  And if they don't answer??  It leaves a voice mail.  I made one for my boyfriend, and he pormptly sent me a text that read: "Don't you have work to do at work?"  Nope, not this week!!  HAHAHA!!  I sent one to my Mom from her cat, and she called me cracking up.  Highly recommend it!!  Here is the website:


Have fun, everyone!!   : )


  1. Kim,
    OMG...this site is to funny. I will be sending phone calls all day and not do any crafting...lol
    thanks so much for sharing

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