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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Imagine is in the house!!!!

Unfortunately, I am not, LOL!  I am at my boyfriend's for the weekend, and the I arrived at my MOm's today, so there was no waiting by the door for Fed Ex.  Boo...but that's ok.  From all I've heard, I need to mentally prepare for these updates anyway - I have heard baaad things about update attempts.  Oh well.  After three days of trying to get the Gypsy updated, I realized I will not be able to use it with my I right now - it just got too frustrating with not going through properly.  Anyone else have that problem??

But I digress....I actually have a project today, can you believe it??  This is a graduation card for one of my students, whose party I went to last night.  I used CAC for the panda, since that is our school mascot, ACY for the cap, and Wrap it Up for the tag.  DCWV supplied the patterned paper, I used a few stickers for the title and embellishments, and the stamps are from a pack I got at Michael's.

Thanks for visiting today, and wish me luck trying to update the Imagine and Gypsy!!!  Ugh....haha.

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