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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well, if you are reading this, then that means you came back after my loooong absence, and I really appreciate it!  I doubt I will have many readers at this point, but I will continue to post, if for no other reason that to archive my cards.  But I really do hope all, or most, of my followers come back, as I have missed interacting with all of you and hearing from you in my comments.  Man, I am such a slacker...

It has been a crazy couple of months, trying to build my Thirty-One business, and it has been great.  I had a successful couple of months, and now I have no more parties or events until January, so it is time ot get back to crafting.  Once again, my nephew Noah, now 8 years old, has asked for my assistance in making Christmas cards for EVERY family member this year....ummm....it is December 4....and I haven't started ANY cards yet.  So, with that said, there will probably be quite a few Imagine cards and Stampin' up! cards made, lol.  Hooray for mass production! 

Anyway, it will be a busy few weeks, so if you are interested in what I will be doing, stay tuned.  And thank you for coming back - although I have noticed several blogs taking some time off lately, so I guess I am not the only one whom time has gotten away from these days!   : )

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  1. HI sweetie! I am still here following you! Your blog looks great. I love it! I just changed mine into it's winter "coat" so you will have to stop by.
    SOOO glad your biz is working out for you. Mine is soooo slow this time of year but yours should be great for gifts!
    Have a fun time making the cards and be sure to post them! For inspiration you can hop over to my blog!!!! barb


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