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Thursday, July 7, 2011

On a brief hiatus...

...while I remodel my Mom's master bath!  My brother did the shower stall and tile, and I pretty much did everything else - drywall taping and spackling, sanding, painting.  Tomorrow I finish the painting, and hopefully by next Tuesday I finsih off the border and we can get the fixtures in.  I will post some pics when I am totally done, but crafting is on the back burner for now, lol.  Thanks for visiting, and I plan on squeezing some time in tonight to watch the season premiere of Big Brother.  Anyone else, besides Stacy and me??


  1. Kim,
    If ya ever get bored you can come and remodel my bathroom, it definately needs it..lol
    I already watched BB, it is going to be a great season. I have added who is nominated and other inside info on my Big Brother page on my blog

  2. What a great daughter you are! Funny, my crafts are on the back burner also. LOL! There is just too much going on right now. But I'll be checking back. Have a fun summer -


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